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March 2014 - Citizens!

Kia Ora. We are citizens of New Zealand! We love our adopted home country, and we are proud of our shiny new passports. To achieve this milestone, we had to live here for 5 years as permanent residents. We also had to swear allegiance to the Queen. Not a problem. Words cannot describe how happy we are to be Kiwis! Years flew by as we worked hard and played hard. In 2014 alone we tramped more than 300 kilometers along several Great Walks and other back-country tracks. Yes we are keen trampers, but all that walking served another purpose: we needed to get our bodies used to carrying our backpacks, because we're embarking on another World Tour to get our new passports filled with stamps! So here we go, to the Universe and beyond... Australia, Timor Leste, Indonesia... Can we get to India with no airplane? It's worth a try :-)

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