These Funky footbags (as opposed to Hacky Sack footbags) were hand sewn by David Leberknight.

282 Panels!!!

Enough said.

This 182 panel creation is the WORLD'S LARGEST FOOTBAG (diameter = 2.5 inches, weight = 70 grams). It was used as the standard in drafting the Official Rules. Anything bigger or heavier is not allowed in tournament play.
Just another multi-panel bag.
This 122 panel footbag is too large for competition, but it is perfect for getting easy "hacks" with a circle of players.
This is "ORCA the killer footbag." This unique 6 panel design was designed mathematically, and actually came out round!
This is the "Funky" design, based on circular arcs, not polygons. This particular Funky was sewn by my brother Jim.
This 152 panel bag dates back to 1988. Like most of these footbags, it is made of a soft fabric called facile.
62 panel FOOTBAG NET bag made of durable vinyl.
62 panel FOOTBAG FREESTYLE bag made of facile.
Extremely durable 62 panel FOOTBAG GOLF bag made of thick leather.
32 panel facile FREESTYLE bag.
Another 182 panel footbag.
That's me playing footbag at 22,834 ft. (6959 m.) on the summit of Aconcagua, still the high-altitude world record as far as I know.
The Collection.